The Effective Local Alternative To Out-Of-State Tax Resolution Firms

Currently Not Collectible Status

This tax debt resolution is appropriate for a taxpayer that is unable to currently pay anything towards his or her tax liability.  You can qualify for this status if you have no income, or if your gross income minus IRS allowable expenses for the county you live in equals zero income remaining. i have many clients that I have placed into CNC status. Once in CNC all collection enforcement activity ceases for one year, but penalties and interest continue to accrue. For those who qualify, CNC provides them with time to concentrate on regaining their financial footing and gives them the peace mind they deserve.

I have uploaded a recent LTR 4624C from the IRS that confirms that I successfully placed my client into Currently Not Collectible Status.  For this client their case has been closed for 1-2 years.  This status is giving my client the time they need to get back on their feet after losing their job due to COVID.  If you are struggling making ends meet, let me see if I can qualify you for Currently Not Collectible Status with the IRS.

Example – IRS Currently Not Collectible Letter (PDF)

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