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The U.S. tax code is tremendously complex. Thousands of pages of statutes, regulations and rules as well as tens of thousands of pages of court interpretation of that material. It can be terrifying to talk to the IRS when they claim you owe tens of thousands of dollars. To find a solution that will preserve your assets, you need the assistance of an experienced tax attorney.

My name is John Georvasilis, and my firm, Seattle Legal Services, PLLC, can help you navigate the complex world of tax law. I have one of the most satisfying jobs imaginable – I help clients with everything from basic issues of tax filing and planning to more complex issues involving delinquent or back taxes, payroll tax matters and offers in compromise.

My goal is to provide you with the most favorable resolution allowed by law. I’ve taken on the IRS and succeeded in saving millions of dollars for hundreds of clients. You have choices when you get a notice from the IRS – one of them should be to call an experienced tax lawyer.

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It can be bewildering to receive a letter from the IRS regarding a tax issue. You may have believed you were filing correctly, but you may have made a mistake or perhaps someone gave you bad advice on a tax question.

Quick resolution is important because tax delinquencies often come with penalties and interest. If you ignore a letter from the IRS or don’t know how to respond, the penalties and interest keep building. In some cases, failure to respond could lead to criminal penalties and prosecution by the U.S. Department of Justice. Before that happens, speak with me. I can quickly identify the tax law issues and help you develop a strategy to resolve the matter.

How much can you save by hiring me? A lot. I have settled cases where the original tax debt was alleged to be $900,000, and, in the end, my client wrote the IRS a check for $10. I have gotten reductions of up to 90% on the original tax liability.

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How The 
IRS Tax Resolution Process Works

Although every case is different, my firm follows a time-tested phased approach for resolving IRS Tax Problems.

1.) Confidential Tax Consultation–Gain Background Information Needed to Permanently Resolve Your IRS tax issue(s)

2.) Discovery & Analysis

  • File Power of Attorney Form that lets the IRS know you are represented.
  • Place Collection Holds to Protect You from the IRS
  • Download your IRS Transcripts and Analyze them

3.) Determine the Optimal Case Resolution for you Specific Issue and Circumstances

4.) Discuss My Recommended Plan with you                                

5.) Prepare and Submit all Required Documents to the IRS for you.

6.) Negotiate the lowest possible case resolution allowable under the law for you.

7.) Review all aspects of your IRS resolution/settlement with you.

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