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IRS Penalty Removal

I have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating successful penalty abatements.  There are two main types of Penalty abatements: (1) First Time Penalty Abatements, and (2) Abatements for Reasonable Cause.   In either case, I will only recommend pursing a penalty abatement if I feel a taxpayer is a strong candidate for this resolution. During Phase 1 of every case, I perform a detailed IRS Transcript Analysis to determine if my client meets the legal criteria for a penalty abatement.

Reasonable Cause & Not Willful Neglect Abatement requests are granted if a taxpayer can argue/show that they acted with reasonable cause and not willful neglect in accruing the tax liability that gave rise to the penalties. A First Time Penalty Abatement will be granted for the oldest tax balance owed if the three years prior do not have any penalties.

I am very proud of the results that I get for my clients.  Fighting the IRS is one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done.  Below I have uploaded a Redacted IRS Notice one of my clients received after I successfully abated $54,218.27 for them.  This particular abatement was for Reasonable Cause and Not Willful Neglect.

Example – IRS Reasonable Cause Abatement Notice (PDF)

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