A stressed man experiencing tax debt and hoping to obtain an IRS offer in compromiseAn IRS offer in compromise is basically a legal exception for paying less than the total amount of tax owed. Our skilled tax attorney has an extremely high acceptance rate for the offers that I submit on behalf of my clients for the following reasons:

  • I only submit offers for people that are strong candidates for an offer
  • I know the legal intricacies of the offer process
  • I understand how offers are reviewed by Offer Examiners
  • I have been preparing and filing offers for 12 years.

Don’t be fooled by individuals or out-of-state firms that claim they can reduce your tax debt for pennies on the dollar without having analyzed your IRS tax transcripts, without knowing the collection statute expiration date for each tax period owed, and without knowing your personal IRS allowable expenses.

There is nothing more satisfying than getting back an Offer Acceptance Letter for one of my clients.  This is truly a life-changing experience for them. Call Today To Find Out If You Are A Strong Offer Candidate for IRS offer in compromise!