When it comes to tax problems and controversies, most people are worried about how much it will cost. They see a tax bill from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and want to resolve the matter on their own. After all, they expect to pay some of the tax bill and want to avoid the additional cost of a tax attorney.

This is often an expensive mistake. The tax laws are among the most complex areas of law, and it is very easy to overlook a tax court ruling, revenue procedure or the implications of a private letter ruling. My name is John Georvasilis. At my firm, Seattle Legal Services, PLLC, I have handled many tax controversies and have the experience and expertise to resolve your issue in a cost-effective manner.

With Tax Law, It’s What You Don’t Know

I have focused my entire law practice on tax issues. This is necessary because of the complexity of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and the myriad ancillary laws, rules, regulations and interpretations that accompany the IRC.

Because the IRS is an agency, it both enforces the laws passed by Congress and produces the tax regulations. It has its own internal adjunction system of administrative law judges and the Office of Appeals, which adds to the complexity of determining what the service’s stance is on a particular tax matter.

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