A couple metaphorically dragging tax debt blocks behind them signifying that they need a Seattle tax relief attorney.

Anyone can find themselves in trouble with the IRS. Both individuals and small businesses may need the assistance of a Seattle tax attorney, whether their problems arise from business struggles, bookkeeping issues, or inability to file their tax returns correctly. In addition to helping clients negotiate down the amount they owe the IRS, a tax lawyer in Seattle also helps clients retain their assets.

Serving Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Kirkland, Renton, and Everett, Seattle Legal Services, PLLC helps individuals who are in trouble with the IRS and/or Washington DOR get the most favorable outcome possible for their situation. Our team also assists clients throughout the rest of Washington State and nationwide.

How Do I Negotiate IRS Debt?

If you did not pay your taxes or pay the total amount due, you owe back taxes. While the thought of being in debt to the IRS is stressful, you can establish a reasonable payment plan with the help of a local tax relief attorney in Seattle. Depending on your financial situation, your attorney may even be able to negotiate a lower payment amount altogether.

Owing back taxes can be overwhelming, and you may be tempted to ignore your tax issues. Unfortunately, federal tax matters will not go away on their own. You will need to work with a Seattle tax relief lawyer who specializes in the practice areas of tax law and tax resolution to negotiate effectively with the Internal Revenue Service. Some ways your IRS debt may be settled include the following:

Applying for an Offer in Compromise (OIC)

When you apply for an offer in compromise, you ask the IRS to reduce the amount of money you owe them. This option is not appropriate for everyone, and the IRS must approve your request before you receive debt relief. An offer in compromise requires you to prove that you cannot pay your entire tax debt and the associated penalties and interest.

If your offer is accepted, you can pay a lower sum in one payment or through short-term installments. Fewer than 50% of applications are accepted, but individual taxpayers and corporations can request this form of relief. You can apply for an OICs on IRS taxes and WA state taxes, but WA, this is often called Rule 100 settlement. Your lawyer for tax relief services in Seattle can help you determine if you may be eligible for this offer.

Requesting a Payment Plan

Payment plans are the most practical form of repayment for the average individual. To qualify for a payment plan, you must be current on all your tax filings with no outstanding payments owed on your state income tax. A tax relief attorney in Seattle, Washington can help you catch up on late filings so that you can be eligible for a payment plan.

In addition, you have a higher chance of negotiating a decreased total if you agree to pay back your debt within five years. Individuals and businesses owing up to $100,000 (including penalties and interest) may apply for a short-term payment schedule lasting from 120 to 180 days.

Classifying as Currently Not Collectible

If you cannot pay now but expect to be able to pay your debt in the future, you may be able to receive the classification of currently not collectible. To request a collection delay, you will need to prove that your financial situation presently prevents you from paying your debt but that you will have funds in the future.

What Can a Tax Relief Lawyer in Seattle Do For You?

A tax relief attorney can help you deal with the IRS and/or your state revenue agency. They can leverage their experience to help you find the lowest cost, most effective solution for your tax problems. Then, they can help you file the applicable relief forms. Take a look at these additional benefits:

Ensure Your Personal and Business Assets Are Protected

At our Seattle law practice, we know that tax disputes with the IRS can have long-lasting financial implications on your life and business. The U.S. and Washington law permits the IRS to come for your assets if you do not pay your personal or business taxes.

A tax lien gives the IRS a legal claim to your property, hurts your credit score, and can even affect your ability to get a job. Working with a Seattle tax relief attorney gives you the best chance of releasing a lien from your property and establishing an installment agreement you can manage. Our Seattle tax relief services can also ensure your wages aren’t being garnished for an amount greater than Washington law allows.

Our Tax Relief Attorney in Washington Can Guide You Through an IRS Audit

Once you know that you are being audited, you will want to contact a Seattle, WA law professional immediately. Meeting with the IRS or Washington tax authorities without the guidance of a lawyer is ill-advised.

Auditors have a thorough understanding of tax law and are trained investigators. The best lawyers will help you understand your rights and instruct you on the best practices to prevent your audit’s scope from escalating.

Provide Insight and Advice Regarding Tax Law

A Seattle tax lawyer specializing in tax law can advise you on personal and professional tax matters. The best way to prevent having an unfortunate encounter with the IRS is to avoid making mistakes that could put you on their radar. Thorough tax planning can keep you from experiencing the unpleasantness of having your wages garnished or a lien placed on your home.

Your Washington tax lawyer can provide legal guidance when you are creating business entities, purchasing assets, performing a corporate office reorganization, completing mergers and acquisitions, and determining the effect certain business transactions can have on your company’s tax situation. Attorneys can also assist clients in understanding the tax aspects of like-kind exchanges, estate planning, and charitable giving.

Our Tax Relief Services in Seattle Will Communicate With the IRS

There is no such thing as a tax matter too small to address. Seeking Seattle tax relief services from a professional tax attorney in Seattle with experience in the practice areas of U.S. federal and Washington state tax law prevents your tax controversies from spiraling out of control.

Once you work with a Seattle tax relief lawyer, nearly all contact with the IRS will go through their office, preventing you from dealing with the stress of fielding questions and worrying if you are saying the right thing. Instead, depending on your tax situation, your tax relief attorney will focus on negotiating with the IRS, establishing a payment plan, contacting the specific IRS office handling your case, filing an appeal, or requesting an offer in compromise or other settlement options to resolve your tax problems.

Our Tax Relief Lawyer Explains Federal Income Tax Law

Seattle tax relief lawyers who are experienced in their practice areas will be able to help their clients understand tax law and the impact their business and personal decisions can have on their taxes. In addition, since tax law is constantly evolving, the best lawyers will stay current on all law changes.

Offer Trustworthy Referrals

Depending on your tax issues, you may require the services or advice of a professional outside the legal field. At our law practice, we have trusted CPAs, tax return preparers, and bookkeepers in our Seattle referral network who offer our clients the tax services they need that don’t relate to tax law.

Resolve State Tax Law Issues

Every state has its own laws regarding taxation, and Washington is no exception. Although the state has no income tax, business owners must pay business and occupation tax, sales tax, and use tax.

Failing to pay these taxes on time can have severe consequences, such as loss of business licensure, fines, and tax liens. When you work with a law practice in Seattle, WA, the lawyers will focus their attention on looking for ways to lower your debt and address your local tax issues so that they don’t impact your ability to have a business license.

Who Can Benefit From Contacting a Seattle Tax Relief Attorney?

As soon as you realize you have tax issues, your first move should be to find a Seattle, Washington attorney who is experienced in tax law and willing to represent clients in court if needed. Many tax relief attorneys also practice areas of law like estate planning and business law and can provide help with tax planning for significant transactions and business operations.

Whether you are a business owner or partner dealing with the fallout from complicated acquisitions or an individual trying to determine if you’re completing your estate planning in accordance with tax law, a tax relief lawyer in Seattle can benefit you. Some typical clients of tax relief attorneys include the following:

  • High-net-worth individuals
  • Individuals in the process of estate planning
  • Individuals making unusual real estate transactions
  • Individuals, the IRS is bringing a suit against
  • Business owners and individuals under investigation for tax fraud
  • Individuals and businesses being audited

Contact Seattle, Washington Tax Relief Attorneys

When you first receive a letter from the IRS, you may feel embarrassed and want to focus on other things to avoid thinking about the problem. Do not let shame keep you from reaching out to Seattle tax relief attorneys. Tax problems do not discriminate, and unexpected life events, such as receiving a personal injury or losing a business partner, can happen to anyone and keep you from completing your tax preparation.

Individuals from all walks of life can struggle with tax law issues. Even a past president or two have needed legal help to handle their tax controversies. Tax attorneys are prepared to negotiate with the IRS, complete appeals, and represent you in court if necessary. However, since legal matters dealing with taxation can escalate to the U.S. Supreme Court, you will want to ensure that you only work with the best lawyers with extensive experience dealing with tax law disputes.

Put Your Tax Problem Behind You

Tax lawyers in Seattle, WA can help you resolve your tax problems and prevent you from unnecessarily losing money to the IRS. Our tax resolution law firm guarantees that a skilled lawyer will manage your case from beginning to end and that your case will have the best possible outcome the law allows.

At Seattle Legal Services, PLLC, we are proud to serve clients in communities throughout King County, Pierce County, and Snohomish County, Washington. Give us a call at 206-536-3152 to discuss your situation today. Our team is ready to help you find a solution to your tax problems.