Our Team - Jesica Perez.

Jesica Perez

Legal Assistant/Client Happiness Coordinator

Jesica Perez serves as the Head Legal Assistant at Seattle Legal Services. Her primary responsibilities include managing administrative duties, fostering positive client relationships, and ensuring the smooth operation of the firm. Jesica expertly handles client inquiries and consultations, ensuring timely access to attorneys as needed. She also provides vital support to the legal team by managing calendars for appointments, hearings, and other legal deadlines. In addition, Jesica serves as the firm’s Spanish interpreter.Outside of work, Jesica is devoted to spending time with her loved ones. She is deeply committed to helping others and making a positive impact on the world. To this end, Jesica and her family volunteer regularly with a non-profit organization that focuses on aiding Native Communities in Latin America.
Our Team - Dani Garcia.

Dani Garcia

Legal Assistant/Client Happiness Coordinator

Daniela Garcia is a legal assistant at Seattle Legal Services who handles various responsibilities to ensure that legal cases are managed efficiently and effectively. Her expertise includes conducting legal research, drafting legal documents, managing case files, reviewing legal documents for potential issues, managing schedules and calendars, and legal transcription. Daniela’s skills and attention to detail contribute to the overall success of the cases she supports.

Daniela is a proficient speaker of both Spanish and English and in addition to these two languages, she finds pleasure in studying French and German as a pastime. When not occupied with work, she takes delight in bonding with her loved ones, friends, and fellow churchgoers, where she lends her expertise in counseling to support the youth. Her interests span across music, theater, and film, and she also has an affection for animals.

Headshot of Jason.

Jason Jones

Enrolled Agent

Jason Jones is an experienced Enrolled Agent with over 17 years of experience representing clients on complex tax issues ranging from IRS collection cases to audits. He has a strong background in finance and real estate, and possesses strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to make thoughtful decisions even in high-pressure situations. Jason has worked with various companies in the past, including Home Funds Direct and First Investors Corporation. Currently, he serves as a valuable member of the Seattle Legal Services PLLC tax resolution team, where he uses his expertise to help clients navigate complex tax issues and achieve the best possible outcomes for their fact pattern.