The IRS has broad powers when it comes to collection enforcement.  A levy gives the IRS the power to seize the property of a taxpayer with an outstanding tax liability.  Common Levies include bank levies, wage garnishments, and social security benefit levies.  In addition, the IRS can seize physical assets too.

Once a levy is issued a taxpayer has 21 days to request a release of levy so it is important not to ignore a Notice of Levy in the mail.  I have years of experience negotiating Release of Levies for my clients.  Most importantly, I can prevent embarrassing levies from even being issued. In fact, one of the first action items for every case is securing a collection hold for all of my clients.

Seattle Legal Services is a leader in IRS Tax Resolution and Defense.  I don’t just talk about results I get results for all of my clients.  See for yourself below.

Example – IRS Notice Of Levy And Release (PDF)

This client came to me with a One Time Bank Levy that completely wiped out their bank account.  Within a few hours I had the bank levy released and my client’s money back in their bank account.  If you want results and peace of mind Call Me Now!