Do You Have A IRS Tax Issue?

There are a great many ways to find yourself or your business in difficulty with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The tax code encompasses a great many aspects of your life. From individual income tax issues and issues of compliance with FBAR, to questions of business or partnership tax and issues involved with payroll tax withholding, it is easy to make a mistake and find yourself on the receiving end of a notice of tax delinquency or another tax controversy involving the IRS.

At Seattle Legal Services, PLLC, our attorney(s) can help you with your tax issue, no matter how confusing or complex. We focus our practice exclusively on tax law, and we can help you understand your issue, your legal options and how we can best resolve your case.

We Can Help With A Variety Of Tax Issues

We provide knowledgeable and experienced guidance and counsel for all levels of tax issues, including:

  • IRS wage garnishment
  • Tax levy
  • Asset seizure
  • Tax debt
  • Payroll and sales tax issues
  • Offers in compromise
  • Innocent spouse claims
  • Nonprofit compliance
  • Tax audit defense and representation
  • FBAR reporting and compliance
  • Installment agreements
  • Reductions of interest and penalties

Why You Want To Work With A Tax Attorney

In addition to all the tax questions and complexity, there is another issue to keep in mind when dealing with the IRS, tax audits and other controversies. When you are dealing with tax agents or other employees of the IRS,

It is never a good idea to speak with an IRS agent without an attorney present. Even if you believe it is just a perfunctory audit and not a criminal matter being investigated by the IRS’s Criminal Investigation division, if you make misstatements of fact or other misrepresentations, there is the potential for the revenue service to charge you with a felony offense of lying to a federal agent.

We can protect you throughout an audit or investigation and ensure that inadvertent errors do not literally become a federal case involving felony charges.

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